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The Luma III Spray Paint Suit is designed for life in the spray booth. And while some people might call them ‘paint coveralls’ or a ‘painters jumpsuit’, we prefer to think of our suit a personal protective equipment. Made from gridded anti-static polyester, the Luma 3 spray suit boasts a durable yet comfortable lightweight fit with a professional look.

Our premium anti-static spray suit is a great addition to any painters arsenal and provides an optimal level of protection. Safety of the painter, minimizing static buildup, and a lower dust transfer rate are key variables to a great paint finish and a healthy shop environment.

We suggest ordering your T-shirt size for a comfortable fit. Order a size down if you are looking for a slim fit. 




Ventilated Under Arm
The vented under-arm mesh aids in breath-ability and keeping you cool even on the hottest days inside the spray booth.

Back Vents
Our spray suit’s back vents and underarm allow for better airflow and cooling on those hot summer days.

Ankle Strap Openings
These new age ankle straps make it easy to take your spray paint suit on and off without removing your shoes.

Pocket Variety
The Luma III professional spray suit is equiped with chest pocket and rear pockets, as well as front through zippers for easy access to pant pockets.

Adjustable Wrist Straps
Wrist Velcro straps make it easy to adjust the spray paint suit for your personal comfort.

Knee Pads
We added durable polyester knee pads as an extra layer of comfort and protection against the need to kneel on spray booth grates.

Antistatic and Lightweight
The Luma III Spray Paint Suits only weigh between 14 -22 oz. and are made of machine-washable anti-static polyester, proven to minimize static buildup and lower dust transfer rates.

Luma III Premium Spray Paint Suit

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